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Bhutan Trekking Adventure 2017 -18Private and Personal

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Trekking in Bhutan - What you Should know?

  • Trekking Style
  • Meals on Trek
  • Weather & Seasons
  • Seasons Vs Trekking
  • Vaccination & Visa

Bhutan is a small country nestled in the wings of the mighty and spectacular Himalayan ranges; one of nature’s most crafted possessions and the lofty Himalayas presents the ultimate paradise for trekking and hiking enthusiasts. Bhutan Trekking Adventure holiday offers short beautiful treks for beginners, moderate in terms of difficulty for the mid-level and some of the most difficult treks in the world for the ardent trekker. Despite the high altitude and tough terrain the view of the snow capped mountains, peaceful meadows, secluded nomadic and highland villages and settlements, beautiful lakes, diverse flora and fauna, breathtaking sunrise and sunsets, un-crowded serene walking trails and many more are the regular highlights of trekking in Bhutan. 

To make your trekking all the more comfortable you will be accompanied by your very own dedicated trekking team consisting of a trekking tour guide, a trained chef and helper, horse men and horses to carry your luggage. All you need to carry is a sunscreen, camera and a water bottle. Medical assistance will be at your call if necessary. Your trekking team will take off before you so that the campsite is well prepared once you get there; you will be welcomed with a hot beverage with snacks, bonfire/campfire where possible and your pitched tents.

Bhutan Swallowtail is continually working towards improving the on-the-trek facilities and services and is willing to make an extra effort to make your trekking a luxurious/comfortable and memorable experience. 

While trekking, the quality and quantity of your meals and beverage make a huge difference and is our top priority to offer you a rich and balanced diet on the mountain top. Eating right is a must so that you have enough energy negotiating the up and downhill walk through the mountains. Trekking will mostly be in the colder regions of Bhutan so we deliver the food hot and fresh. Your dietary needs will be taken into consideration and the taste not compromised.  Each morning you will be awakened with a cup of hot tea or coffee, all of your meals will be well taken care of, breakfast and dinner will be ready before you know it and set up inside a dining tent on a table or out in the open depending on the weather. The lunch will be packed and served near scenic spots. Even on the mountaintop we will continue to serve you local and intercontinental dishes to your liking, and we will make sure you don’t skip your meals by delivering your food with great taste.

In the general, the climate in Bhutan is quite unpredictable due to the variation in the elevation and changing seasons. The southern foothills have a sub tropical climate with hot and humid monsoons, warm and pleasant winters. The central and higher alpine valleys have temperate weather, with pleasant summers and cold winters. The northern region of the country is above the tree line and most of the high mountain passes are covered in snow throughout the year.

Bhutan enjoys all the four seasons in a year and Spring (March – May) and Autumn (September – November) are the best times to visit Bhutan. If you wish to see the rhododendron and wild flowers in full bloom in the central valleys which is a total delight then spring is the best time to visit and also trek. Autumn is the best time for trekking as the skies are clear and less chances of rain and snow. During winter (mid-November-February) the temperatures fall down but luckily the sky remains to be an azure delight which elevates the sight of the snow capped mountains to a new level

This table shows you the most suitable times for trekking in Bhutan: Good: (***), Moderate: (*), Not good: (X) 

Trek Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Druk Path Trek x x *** *** *** * x x x *** **x x
Snowman Trek x x x* *** *** x* x x *** *** *x x
Jumolhari Laya Gasa Trek x x x* *** *** *x x x *** *** *x x
Gangtey Trek x x *** *** *** x x * *** *** *** ***
Bumthang Cultural Trek x x* *** *** *** x* x x* *** *** *** x
Bumthang Owl Trek x x* *** *** *** x* x x* *** *** *** x
Sagala Trek x x *** *** *** x x x* *** *** *** x
Mt Jumolhari Trek x x x* *** *** x x x* *** *** *** x
Dagala Trek x x *** *** *** x* x x *** *** *** x
Merak Sakten Trek x x *** *** *** x* x x *** *** *** x


You do not require vaccinations while travelling to Bhutan however it is always recommended to be safe than sorry. In Bhutan medical service is free of cost to all and there are very minimal cases of disease outbreaks making Bhutan a healthy nation. During the trek there will be a medical Kit well stocked and regularly updated, and in an emergency there will also be helicopters to airlift the injured and sick to the nearest hospital.


All tourist Visa need to be applied via a local and licensed tour operator like Bhutan Swallowtail Travels, hence all tourist Visas are issued only to those foreign nationals who have booked a holiday trip to Bhutan with a local tour operator. The Visa is approved and issued by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and the Department of Immigration of the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs.

The Visa Fee is USD 40.00 per person for one time visit. For Visa extension the request has to be made by the tour operator and the renewal fee is Nu 500.00.

The only document required is a scan copy of your passport with a minimum validity of 6 months. The rest of the documents and papers will be prepared by the tour operator so as to ensure a smooth and hassle free visa application procedure.


Important Note: No Bhutanese foreign missions or embassies abroad have the authority to grant Bhutanese tourist visas.

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