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  • “DodeyDrak Monastery Trail”

    If you seek an escape from the "tourist trail," you'll love this this little-visited gem of a monastery

  • “A Walk In the Cloud”

    If you crave adventure, this overnight hike is sure to satisfy.

  • “The Royal Botanical Trail”

    This is a botanist's dream, but you don't have to be one to love this hike

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Why Bhutan Hidden Trails

The Hidden Trails of Bhutan - Exclusive!

A network of medieval transport routes criss-cross Bhutan, historically relied upon by Bhutanese and their livestock. These footpaths and pony tracks invoke Robert Frost's Road Not Taken, but in a slightly different context. With the arrival of vehicular roads in 1961, the once-trammeled path gradually became the one not taken, now overlooked by cities and hidden from development.
We will take you along these previously essential life-lines of the country, traversed by the nobility and commoners, by warriors and traders, by yaks and ponies. We will share wonderful--yet rarely told--local stories of a time that once was, while enjoying the warm hospitality of remote communities living in pristine natural environments.
The following selection of Hidden Trails are adventures that will transport you to a "Medieval Bhutan" that has been mostly forgotten by "Modern Bhutan." Besides simply providing a refreshing contrast to the popular tourist attractions, these trails will lead you to the genuine heart of Bhutan. Are you ready to "get lost" in order to find a secret worth keeping?

Explore ancient trails and discover Bhutan's history with Bhutan Swallowtail Travels

Dodey Drak Hike Bhutan Ancient Trail Hike

Dodey Drak Monastery Trail

A unique adventure to escape Thimphu's tourist trail

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Royal Botanical Hike Bhutan

The Royal Botanical Trail

This is a botanist's dream, but you don't have to be one to love this hike
A Walk In The Cloud Bhutan Nature Trail

A Walk in The Cloud

The trail meanders along the mountain ridge as if floating among the clouds

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Taktsang Paro

Thimphu - Dongkala- Paro Trail 


Coming Soon

Punakha Village

Jiligang Pine Trail

(Khamsum Yuelley - JiliGang - Punakha)
The valley got its name Jiligang which literally means the ‘Cat Peak’ when Ngawang Chogyal to prove the power of his meditation
Archery Thimphu

Bhutan Swallowtail Overnight Trek

(Dochula – Lungchu Tse – Wangdue Nature Trail)
You will encounter even more spectacular and majestic views of these mountains

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