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  • “A simple House in One of the Kheng Villages”

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Explore Unexplored Medieval Kheng 

  • Explore the least explored Zhemgang Villages
  • Experience Medieval time of Bhutan 
  • Price : USD 1,947.00 incuding VISA Fee
  • Tour Paro, Thimphu, Zhemgang, Kheng and neighbouring villages
  • With a resourceful Local Expert as your guide throughout 
  • Limited to 16 persons only in the group 
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Your Tour Guide : Ugyen Drukpa

Ugyen Drukpa BhutanSwallowtail

Bhutan is last Mahayana Buddhist Country where Buddhism is the root of everything that Bhutanese do in their daily life. Starting from the offering of water and butter lamp in the morning, to annual rituals, beating of the religious musical instruments to mask dances symbolizes our way of life and how we perceive in life after death.
Join me on a spiritual tour to Bhutan where understanding Buddhism and learning how to meditate is the core activity we do while we talk to some spiritual Buddhist leaders and devoted population at large. 

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