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Responsible Traveling

Responsible travelling is an important part of travelling, both for the traveler and the travel operator. We have only one earth and it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that we take care of our world and safeguard our precious natural environment. Bhutan Swallowtail Tours and Travels is committed to ensuring that we not only preserve our environment but also observe good practices of sustainable tourism. Bhutanese people are hospitable and very partial to foreigners, so you will be welcomed everywhere and treated with a lot of respect and utmost care.

As a responsible tour operator, we are committed to:

Preserving the natural and cultural heritage of our country and ensuring that our valued travelers go back to their own country refreshed and rejuvenated with a sense of pride and satisfaction. It is our duty to brief our travelers about the basic local rules and laws and the do’s and don’ts while in the country. We make sure that our services, products and activities have the minimum adverse impact on the natural environment. The costs and charges for our services and products are priced fairly and if not less are never more than as compared to other similar service providers.

As a responsible traveler you should:

  1. Respect local people and their laws, social norms of the community, their culture and traditions and the natural environment. In a temple or Dzong, if you wish to enter the inner sanctums or altars you should take off your shoes and slipper outside the door. In some temples you may not be allowed to enter, be mindful of the fact that religion everywhere has their own rules and discipline.
  2. Be friendly, try to answer as many questions as you can if people ask – it’s not that people are nosy, they are just curious and maybe trying to make you feel comfortable.
  3. Bhutanese people love taking photographs by nature. However, it is always polite to ask permission before clicking away and inside most of the temples and Lhakhangs photography is not allowed at all. It would be very kind on your part if you could develop the pictures and send back to your posers!
  4. Eat in local restaurants, try out the local cuisine and drink their local wine, this is one way of helping local communities develop.
  5. You should not encourage or indulge in drugs and other unwanted culture.
  6. Bhutan is the first country to ban the sale and use of tobacco and tobacco products, however, you can bring in a limited amount of tobacco paying customs tax. You are also not allowed to smoke in public places; however, there are no designated places to smoke.
  7. Instead of buying from glamorous handicrafts and shops, try and buy local handicrafts, artifacts and souvenirs from the source if you can, your entire expenditure will go back directly to the communities and increase their economic status.
  8. Do not buy or try to export animal and plant species. This is illegal and you will be dealt accordingly if found guilty for the same.
  9. Do not litter around, take care of your own waste and dispose them off responsibly.

Bhutan prides itself in having more than 60% of its whole area under forest cover and is immensely diligent and careful in protecting and preserving the environment. It is said that in Bhutan the air is cleaner, skies bluer, and water more pure, so help us in conserving the natural environment and be part of the noble initiative in preserving the pristine environment as it is.


Sonam Dendup

Sonam Dendup BhutanSwallowtail

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability / CSR policies please contact Sonam Dendup via email - or call at 17131430

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