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I am a certified senior Cultural, Nature and Trekking Tour guide and have been working in the Tourism industry for the last 11 years. An interesting fact – It is said that within the 6 hours drive from the southern city of Phuntsholing to the capital Thimphu, you will come across as many bird species as you can find in the entire European Continent. Join me to discover, not only the age-old tradition and culture but also the wide range of Bhutan’s rich flora and fauna in the untouched pristine environment of Bhutan. 


  • Comment Link Andrea Reitano %AM, %18 %401 %2017 %08:%May posted by Andrea Reitano

    We want to thank you for your assistance during our tour in Bhutan. We appreciated your cultural approach during the visits, your careful attention to our needs, helping even if not requested, like a friend. Please transfer our thaks also to your friend, the silent driver. Thanks also for checking daily the comfort of every hotel: appreciated after our claims about the dirty and not heated lodgment in Ura. The hotel in Paro is nice, but it need a better maintenance and completion of the structure.
    You personally are the best reference for Swallowtail: in fact we appreciated the professional approach of Tashi Wangmo. but we are missing any reply about or claim in Ura, and any request of comment about our liking of the tour. We will suggest Swallowtail as a reliable tour operator, conditioned to an early warning about the terrible discomfort due to the road works on 80% of Bhutan.

  • Comment Link Gilbert Kheng %PM, %04 %590 %2016 %13:%Dec posted by Gilbert Kheng

    Lobsang is friendly and knowledgeable guide. Together with driver Tashi, they are attentive and flexible to make changes to itinerary for our convenience. Thank you Lobsang for the wonderful Cultural trip we enjoyed.

  • Comment Link Gilbert Kheng %PM, %04 %590 %2016 %13:%Dec posted by Gilbert Kheng

    Lobsang is friendly and knowledgeable guide. Together with driver Tashi, they are attentive and flexible to make changes to itinerary for our convenience. Thank you Lobsang for the wonderful Cultural trip we enjoyed.

  • Comment Link Li Zhong %PM, %19 %647 %2016 %14:%Oct posted by Li Zhong

    I stayed in Bhutan for about 8 days, and Lobsang was my guide during the entire trip. Very knowledgable and informative, he took very good care of me, every step and every moment it was fun and special for me. Lobsang is not just a tour guard for me, but a good friend. Very professional guide, highly recommended.

  • Comment Link Sab Singh %AM, %21 %536 %2016 %11:%May posted by Sab Singh

    Lobsang, you were a fantastic guide for Vikram and me during our 2 week visit and thanks to you and our driver Jigme we had one of our best holidays ever. You really looked after us well and we were both impressed with your knowledge of so many aspects of Bhutanese culture and history, which left us feeling well informed about your beautiful country. And we won't forget that very long car ride from Bumthang to Paro in a hurry! Thanks again and maybe we'll see you soon.

  • Comment Link Maria  Jean-Philippe %AM, %14 %480 %2016 %10:%May posted by Maria Jean-Philippe

    A visit of a country depends on the guide and we were really the luckiest people in the world to have you, Lobsang, and to have Jigme as a driver! The two of you form an amazing team and we had a lot of fun and learned a lot!!! You know so much about Bhutanese culture that every single temple, forteresse or museum was a discovery and there were a lot of them in 16 days. We also learned a lot about the wild life of Bhutan, in particular the birds which is your passion and for a couple of days became also ours. Our best moment in Bhutan was playing darts with you and Jigme under the rain in Easter Bhutan in the middle of the rice terraces but there were just so many other nice moments! I am still humming the Bhutanese songs you and Jigme were singing in the car during the long hours of driving and cannot thank you enough for making us become just a little bit of Bhutanese even though only for 2 weeks! Thanks also for the amazing food we had far away from the hotel buffets - the momos, the baked cheese, the potato cheese, the butter tea...Last but not least - thank you for the hiking far away from the tourist paths! The travel to Bhutan was a dream and I think we took the best of our stay thanks to you and Jigme!

  • Comment Link Asli Atamer %PM, %08 %920 %2016 %21:%May posted by Asli Atamer

    Thanks Lobsang for making our visit wonderful. Great guide and passionate about telling stories about Bhutan and culture. We were very pleased meeting him at the end. He was very knowledge and exprerienced who can be flexible on your programme as per your needs. Great agnecy, super guide. Both highly recommended.

  • Comment Link Isabelle Wyndham %AM, %22 %057 %2016 %00:%Apr posted by Isabelle Wyndham

    We had a fantastic journey with Lobsang. We travelled with our two children, almost 6 and 8, and were worried about all the driving, car sickness, boredom at temples and not enough stamina for the hikes. Lobsang had a programme for us that was just the right amount of everything and there was no car sickness whatsoever. Lobsang was very knowledgeable about the culture, the fauna and flora, very flexible and great with the kids. Together with Jigme, they helped keep the kids interested and going, particularly on Tiger's nest.

    When we saw things on the way that we thought we'd like to do, such as a bit of rafting in Punakha (when the water wasn't fought at all) or an extra hike, Lobsang organised it all in a flash and changed our programme to suit us. He also liaised with the guide and hotels of friends of ours travelling separately so we could meet up and spend a couple of days together. It could not have been better.

    Thank you Lobsang!


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